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TechnoHeight’s social media marketing services are designed to generate results for your business while saving you time and money. Our team of social media experts will work with you to create a killer strategy to give your business a robust online presence and drive real, organic and targeted traffic to your website and store fronts. Whether you are starting a SaaS business looking for investors in LinkedIn, seeking to generate a buzz about your nonprofit organization on Twitter, or planning to launch your latest product on Facebook, we have a social media solution for you.

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Our experienced data entry personnel and proofreaders are trained to follow a strict set of quality check protocols in every stage, giving you a 99.9% output accuracy level.

Successful companies will tell you that social media marketing plays a crucial part in branding and promoting their products and services. That because regardless of what industry you are in, you can be sure your customers are on social media every day.

At the same time, social media becomes an avenue to reach out and connect with them. By engaging with your target customers, you not only increase your sales conversion, but you also make them feel that they are heard. That will help build loyalty to your brand.

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TechnoHeight is a fast-growing global BPO service provider that understands business operations has its challenges. With our solid team of talented professionals supported by the latest technologies, we provide end-to-end business process solutions that deliver results.

How we do Social Media Marketing

Our team of experienced recruiters will handle the tedious job of screening and shortlisting potential candidates based on your requirements for you to contact for an interview

Social Media Marketing Services

Our team of experienced social media markets will work with you to develop a comprehensive social media strategy to help you:

  • Build your business’ credibility
  • Develop brand awareness
  • Establish and build strong connections with the right kind of followers
  • Increase engagement on your social media posts
  • Connect you with like-minded influencers in your niche
  • Get recognized as a leading authority in your industry
Instagram Influencer Search

Over 700 million people are active on Instagram, making it the fastest growing social media network today.

Our Instagram influencer search will help you find influencers in your industry on Instagram and build a relationship with them to help your brand, in turn, become a leading authority in your niche as well.

LinkedIn Talent Search

Having the right people on staff will allow you to easily take your business to the next level. Our LinkedIn talent search offers you the opportunity to find and connect with talented, highly skilled, and experienced professionals to invite to join your business.

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Improved 10x ROI with effective lead generation technique Know More
Improved 10x ROI with effective lead generation technique Know More
Improved 10x ROI with effective lead generation technique Know More

84% of businesses today rely on social media marketing to generate leads and new sales.

The The Technoheights Advantages

Customized solutions

Here at TechnoHeight, we do not just make you choose from a list of fixed social media marketing service packages. One of our social media marketing experts will work alongside with you or your in-house marketing team to develop a social media marketing strategy based on your goals and budget. That way, you can be sure that you get the results you expect.

Expert brand management

We understand how critical it is to make sure that your company’s brand remains in a positive light. We will work with you to help you find the right voice and style that perfectly matches your business’s brand so that your follower will perceive you exactly how you want them to see you.

Connection with the right people

Through the years, TechnoHeight has developed strong relationships with some of the most influential publishers, bloggers, social media figures in different industries. They help transition your followers to become offline customers patronizing your products and services.

In-depth reporting and analysis

We provide all our social media marketing clients with comprehensive and transparent reports about your social media marketing campaigns. However, we do not stop there. Our social media marketing experts will also help you interpret these data and provide you with suggestions on improving your next social media marketing campaign to bring your business to the next level.

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