Growth Hack: We Replicate your Process

Our team of experts can do your time taking and regular repetitive tasks.

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Uplift Team's Efficiency to Drive Revenue

Handover the regular workflow to the TechnoHeight experts

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4 Simple Steps to Replicate your Processes

Step 1 - Tell us your process

You can document or record the process you follow to perform a task that you want us to take care of.

Step 2 - Your Instructions, Our Work

You can email us all the information and the instructions to follow regarding the task. We will lead the task according to the given documented process.

Step 3 - Recreating the Process

Cloning is done in this step. The CSM will generate the guided instructions for the dedicated experts. The instructions will be followed according to your guidance.

Step 4 - Take delivery of results

You will receive the results of the task daily or weekly by CSM. You will get results in a .CSV file format, to make it simple for uploading it to CRM or other tools.

Bring On Board Our Research Experts

In the past 20 years, sales specialization has boomed the industry and TechnoHeight efficiently allows you to unveil its benefits. With our team of research experts, you can unlock the way to expand your revenue without expanding resources. Our team will find an easy way for:

  • Regular tasks
  • Time Taking tasks
  • Inconsequential tasks
  • Difficult tasks

What tasks we can replicate for you


Build a list of prospects that match your ICP and buyer personas.

Let's do it!

Email Verification

Get list of verified email addresses for your target accounts.

Let's do it!

Lead Enrichment

Get verified and updated information for your leads.

Let's do it!

Verified Personal Emails

Verified Personal emails (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) for recruiters to contact candidates for jobs

Let's do it!

Collect LinkedIn post comments

Get list of comments on a post – who posted the comment along with their LinkedIn profile URL.

Let's do it!

Research industry events

Get a list of all industry events happening in the desired country or a city.

Let's do it!

Content Moderation

Have a close eye and moderate every single review/video/image submitted for your brand across the internet.

Let's do it!

Event attendee research

Get a list of contacts to invite to your hosted events or to connect with companies or people at the events your are attending.

Let's do it!

Lead Qualification

We can qualify inbound leads and forward you just the ones that match your requirements.

Let's do it!

Database Clean-Up

Send us a list of prospects from your CRM and we'll perform a clean-up of the leads that are rotten and not relevant any more.

Let's do it!

Schools/Colleges/Universities Research

Get a list of schools, colleges or universities on the basis of geography with the emails or phone numbers of key decision makers.

Let's do it!

Candidate Sourcing

Get list of candidates for the available positions through Linkedin or other people databases that meet the eligibility criteria.

Let's do it!

Menu Data Entry

Get restaurant menus (PDFs or scanned images) understood and entered accurately in your CRM/application.

Let's do it!

Website and Data Scraping

With the help of different software and tools, our team of researchers can scrape and extract all the information that might be valuable and of interest to both you and your business.

Let's do it!

Property Listings Research

Get a list of properties that are on sale/lease on local directories (Craigslist and others)

Let's do it!

Job Listings Research

Get a list of companies that posted job openings on various websites (Linkedin, Craigslist and others)

Let's do it!

Training Data Collection

Get researched relevant and randomized data for machine learning, Human generated data sets to train your algorithm and improve your machine learning models.

Let's do it!

Engineering Assistance

Get help on Python & MySQL to help your engineers run those scripts and pull reports outside their working hours.

Let's do it!