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Acquire precious data points and contact details through our Quality B2B Lead Research methods

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B2B Lead Generation Services at TechnoHeight

Increase your sales with quality and value-added research and reduce time.

Lead List Building

Increase your productivity with a strong custom lead lists. Create and enrich custom made lists according to your ideal customer profile and buyer personas.

Target More Prospects

Add more target audience into your sales funnel. Track social media channels of your competitors and similar companies in the market.

Inbound Leads

Get information about your browsing history to keep a check on your prospects and competitors. You can build a relationship to convert them.

Research-based on Behavior

Craft a custom-made message for your prospect. Get information about your prospect who is looking for product/service similar to yours.

Personalized interaction with the prospect

Our expert researchers will provide you the personalized data to interact with your audience to build connection and trust.

3 Easy Steps to build lead generation

Meet your sales target easily. Personalized, quality lead data that will lead to an easy way to generate sales.

Step 1

Brief us about your ideal customer profile and other important information.

We will understand and provide you additional information so that you can reap better results.

Step 2

Our researchers will understand the project in detail.

After the research, we will provide you first 20 results in 48 hours to get your feedback. According to your feedback, we will enrich the results.

Step 3

To maintain your workflow, we will give fresh and accurate results on daily or weekly basis (depending on your requirements).

We share the results in a CSV format or upload them to your CRM and other tools.

All lead lists are manually curated according to your requirements.

TechnoHeight Lead Generation Team

Customer Success Manager

Provide information about the database requirement and your CSM. The customer success manager will build new strategies for better results.

Experienced Researchers

Highly qualified and experienced researchers will dedication 40 hours to provide you rich database

QA Team

Data quality and accuracy are on us. Our team will provide you the best results.

Information Provided by TechnoHeight

We, at Techoheight, fulfill the quality database needs. Whether you are looking for a database that is easy to abstract or the database that has unusual to find, our experts can do this job efficiently.

Customer Data

Personal interest, educational information, social media likes and posts, work history, members, etc.

Account Data

Customer’s meeting information, case studies, award and recognition, customer-related press releases, etc.

Custom Data

Customer competitor’s information, social media followers, information about the target audience, etc.

Behavior-based Data

New software installation information, job change history, plans for future hiring, product launches and developments.

Inbound Data

Information about the location, company, history of recently browsed data, etc.

Firmographic Data

Information on company size, number of employees, location, revenue, number of clients, etc.

Demographic Data

Customer’s location, age, education, gender, marital status, dislikes interests, etc.

Technographic Data

Technologies recently used by customer and time spends on technologies on potential customers.

Brief of Lead Generation service by TechnoHeight

Build the Data

We provide you a database that is accurate and usable from paid and unpaid sources. We give you ready to use data in the format that can make your task easy. You will receive the database that will be updated and save your hours and days.

  • Target business location wise and on another parameter the different travel portals.
  • Generate lead by using an accurate database used in targeted ad campaigns.
  • Save the resources and divert them nurture the leads.
  • You can receive high-quality leads from a targeted audience.
  • Improve productivity by the quality and usable email addresses.

Growth in Quality Audience

Reaching out to the quality data is a time-consuming task. We provide you data that can build new relationships, maintain the current customers and target prospects. This will save time to build new strategies and book meetings. Our experts find different reliable sources to search for. This high quality researched data will create an audience to build trust and improve the relationship.

You can track the targeted keywords so that your sales and marketing team will have a picture-perfect about the trends. You can plan campaigns and personalized messages for your targeted audience.

  • You can find a more probable audience.
  • Find prospects going for your competitors.
  • Plan for better growth.

Reverse IP Research

Find out about the companies that are browsing your websites. You can know about the decision making details with the help of advanced filters. This makes it simple for your team to build the relationship, nurture and convert a prospect into a customer.

  • Find out who is browsing your website.
  • Build a relationship with the prospect before they make any decision.
  • Lookup the quality leads to convert them.

A business that has significant traffic on the website can be benefitted from this service. The traffic can be converted into real leads and then customers. To know more about the eligibility of Reverse IP research, Click here.

Research-based on Behavior

Behavioral reaches are based on the information about the job changes, social media posts like and dislike, etc. This will give you deep knowledge of your leads. This research will help you to deliver the right message to your leads. This can increase the conversion of leads and hence the sales.

  • Understand your leads by their behavior.
  • Make a relevant and personalized message to gain trust.
  • Improve your sales.