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We understand that when it comes to lead generation, the biggest challenge is finding risk-free, quality leads. Our cost-effective lead generation solutions will boost your business’ lead conversion. Based on your ideal customer profile, we conduct extensive research on company websites and reputable databases like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, Hoover, and ZoomInfo to provide you with a complete list of qualified leads for your marketing campaigns.

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Do you want to get access to quality leads with a good average conversion rate?

In today’s world, it’s really important to employ lead generation services in order for the business to grow. Finding the best and affordable services is a task. But, Technoheight provides you with the perfect solution to it. We help you in finding the potential customer or clients. Our team can perfectly support your sales team by providing with the access to contact databases or can help you in building contact lists who will be interested in the products and services.

Not only we help your business to identify potential new customers, but, can also help you in reaching out to the leads as well as your active customers through multiple platforms which include email, social media, telephone, and direct mail. We also help in sales lead management. This can help your company get the benefit and help to get your new product or service in the customer’s knowledge.

With the aim to build your online presence, we make it easier for potential customers to get connected to your business.

We can help you in optimizing the SEO, manage your data, moderate your content, manage your social media platforms, in order to drive more traffic to your website and help you to gain a better position than all your competitors.

Amongst the best lead generation companies, we can help you in growing your business with the best sales and marketing support. This will help you to identify, contact and market your product to the potential customer.

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TechnoHeight is a fast-growing global BPO service provider that understands business operations has its challenges. With our solid team of talented professionals supported by the latest technologies, we provide end-to-end business process solutions that deliver results.

How we do sales lead management?

We generate leads by organically using your website and social media channels to one which will have a database of contacts. We optimize your website; this will hence improve the search engine rankings and will promote your business on various social media platforms. A great help in email marketing and event promotion is also provided by us.


We provide you with the business growth by offering you with the full sales and promotion support. We also provide you with sales lead management. This will help you to identify, contact and market to the best relevant customer.

We offer an extensive selection of the tracking services which will help you to manage your leads. We use lead scoring which can help you in estimating the interest that a lead may have your products or services. These are based on data points which include how much time it is spent on your website and the number of your emails that the lead will open.

We will help you to categorize, or segment your leads. This will help you in providing the best way to follow up with each group. Then, we can help you to make initial contact with the leads by using automated emails or by calling them on your behalf. We can also manage your leads. We do this by giving you with the contact list or find various other ways to organize your leads.


We provide you with a personal account manager which provides you with special attention and will work to provide you with special services. It will help in maintenance of your campaigns and other lead generation efforts.

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Reduce your company’s cost by employing the best amongst the lead generation companies. Also get top-notch Outsource Data Entry Services for your business with TechnoHeight Company!

We offer cost-effective lead generation solutions to provide you with high-quality leads for your marketing campaigns so your sales team can focus more on closing deals to increase your revenue

How we do Lead Generation

With a team of experienced lead researchers using tried and tested lead generation techniques, we have mastered the art of finding and nurturing quality leads through every stage of your sales funnel increasing the possibility for sales conversion.

You give us the details

We start by getting information from you about the ideal customer you want to target. It could be as general as just focusing on a particular niche or industry like insurance or banking, or 2-3 sentences about your ideal lead, including their industry, company size, geography, job title. Something like: “Founders / Owners of companies from technology industry that are located in United States”

We do the research

Once we have an idea of who your target customer is, our team of lead researchers search reputable databases like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, Hoover, and ZoomInfo to find leads that best match the profile of your ideal customerand gather all data points that you need.

You get quality result for your marketing campaigns

After we’ve done our research, we then send your list of lead with their complete contact information. We then send these to you in CSV, Excel, or any other format you need to easily upload these into your CRM or sales automation software. Now, you can use these quality leads for your outbound marketing campaigns.

The Technoheights Advantages

You Need Not Make Efforts

Taking the reign of your lead generation department, we take off the burden from the shoulders of your sales team. By giving them space and time through our little efforts, we strive to bring positive leads for the further running of your business.

Constant Client Follow-ups

Our team at TechnoHeights, we ensure that there are constant follow-ups with the potential client so as to not only generate a lead but also convert it. This way we put in all our efforts to help you turn towards the positive quadrant on the graph of your growth.

Reaching the Right Audience

Techniques like promotional ad campaigns, content optimization, and email marketing are used for reaching out to the potential target audience. Once done, the data is analyzed, and the target audience is approached using other tactics of lead generation and conversion.

Less Risk Quotient

With none of your team or employee deployed towards the task of generating leads for you, the risk quotient comes down to zero. We at TechnoHeights try to make sure that all the leads we generated are converted making the risk factor nil.

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