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Whenever an organization has a downtime, their credibility is on the line. In the eCommerce industry, downtimes register the worst impression with your customers. You can lose thousands of prospects that way.

TechnoHeight offers credible eCommerce support services that keep your business fully operational at all times. With expertise in product data management and support services, never experience a business-depleting downtime again.

How do we provide eCommerce Support services?

Our team of eCommerce support experts provide a range of services that deal with any issues you experience on your website and beyond. From security to updates, features extensions to customer support, our team enhances your overall performance.

TechnoHeight E-commerce Support Team

Account Manager

Provide information about your requirement to your account manager. The account manager will build strategies for better results.

Experienced Agents

Highly qualified and experienced agents that provide 24X7 support

QA Team

Data quality and accuracy are on us. Our team will provide you the best results.

E-commerce Support Services Offered by TechnoHeight

Product Listing

By listing and cataloging multiple products on your eCommerce platform, Technoheight systematically attracts customers with content designed for success. With adequate engagement, the customers stay longer on the page, thereby increasing the chances of sales exponentially. Each product receives painstaking attention and detailing for content creation to attract top of the line customers. We can also list your products on leading marketplaces like Amazon.

Inventory Management

eCommerce inventory management requires special skills that our professional team can offer through ranking solutions. Get deep warehouse visibility, and adapt an inventory management system that adequately keeps track of the position of every product. Our eCommerce inventory management system at Technoheight also alerts you when products are low in stock.

Photo Editing / Resizing

Excellent images guarantee that your customers trust your goods more. Since they have a more thorough grasp of what they are buying, it is easier for them to trust you with their business. Are your product photos not befitting of their website listings? Cropping photos can seem like an easy task until quality reduction becomes a struggle. At Technoheight, we offer photo editing and resizing services to provide clear, crisp, and detailed images of your products.

Order Processing

Processing orders on eCommerce websites can become a nightmare depending on several factors, including website speed and seamless user experience. At Technoheight, we help businesses like yours enhance the speed and user experience for your customers from when they select a product till when their order is completed. Let us make your order processing memorable and stress-free.

Order Tracking

Tracking orders in their thousands can be a complex process filled with backlogs, misfiled data or lost goods. Track your order with exquisite detailing through Technoheight’s order tracking software. Our software ensures end-to-end systems that guarantee order tracking and deliveries for your customers. Our dedicated customer support team also provides live help in case of emergencies.

Returns / Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are tedious processes that can cause complications in eCommerce businesses. Damaged or lost goods are common, as well as incorrect order details. Managing returns and running your business can be difficult due to split loyalties. Let our support team at Technoheight handle time-consuming processes for you.

Email Management

Ensure conversations with your support team are productive and progressive through our email management system. At Technoheight, we use transparent processes and procedures to manage the reception, volume and sending of information through electronic mails. This acts as a safeguard for your employees and customers.

CRM Management

At Technoheight, our customer relationship management systems allow us to collect essential customer data that create strong personalized relationships between your brand and its customers. CRM management aims to better every form of interaction with your customers by streamlining the services offered to them. Technoheight runs these instances through both existing and potential customers to provide the best CRM management results for your organization.

Live Chat Support

With state of the art AI technology, Technoheight offers unparalleled live chat support services for your eCommerce website. Our expert team creates content that is tailor-made for your business. Our live chat support will suit your preferences through niche personalization and mastery.

Reporting & Analytics

At Technoheight, we use premier software and technology to keep track of your web sales and analytics. Expect detailed reporting of sales, orders, deliveries, stock and lots more.

The TechnoHeight Advantage


Increase your productivity with a strong custom lead lists. Create and enrich custom made lists according to your ideal customer profile and buyer personas.

Dedicated Team

Add more target audience into your sales funnel. Track social media channels of your competitors and similar companies in the market.

Quality Control

Get information about your browsing history to keep a check on your prospects and competitors. You can build a relationship to convert them.


Craft a custom-made message for your prospect. Get information about your prospect who is looking for product/service similar to yours.