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Document Digitization moves your organisation from a paper-focused business to a digitally enhanced machinery. Move your processes and systems entirely online. Our capable network of operators convert your organisational workflow through automated solutions.

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With our established digitization processes, we can streamline your operations, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce waste of resources within your organisation.

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Document Digitization Services Offered by TechnoHeight

Restaurant Menu Transcription

As the world becomes increasingly digital, customers prefer to get their food information from places like Yelp with help from other customers. Transcribing your menu becomes a necessary process for your business to reach its target market. The aggregation and transcription of restaurant menus is a labour-intensive process that requires professionalism and mastery over otherwise elusive details. At Technoheight, we provide practical and affordable transcription services aimed directly at curating a seamless digital experience for you. From transcribing your menus to listing pricing and serving options, you can trust Technoheight to deliver outstanding results.

Image Transcription

Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing is a growing service aimed at automating account payments for companies. However, a lot of vendors still provide paper invoices to their customers. Does your organisation have to deal with several invoices that are emailed, mailed or faxed to your office? Converting these images into digital invoices is a laborious, time-consuming process you might not have the manpower or time to do. Technoheight experts are skilled at providing top of the line image transcriptions services that will allow you to carry out the required processing by payable departments. This eliminates multiple processes like manually scanning invoices, inputting the header, footer and line items before processing payment. Our team can process hundreds of thousands of invoices at scale in a short period to provide you with a seamless payment procedure for your vendors going forward.

Receipt Transcription

With the use of state of the art technology, Technoheight provides receipt capturing services for organisations at scale. We are experts at receipt transcription, focusing on cost-effectiveness and unparalleled speed. Company-wide receipts are essential for the completion of work processes, as well as accounting for both influx and outflux of services or goods. Receipts are also timely; they are needed at specific periods for specific items. This alone makes the need for receipt accuracy unparalleled. At Technoheight, we ensure that all digitized receipts are without flaw. Entrust us with your receipt transcription needs to improve the quality and reliability of your transactions.

OCR Handwriting Transcription

OCR handwriting transcription requires skill and patience with an eye for detail. Converting handwriting text into digital format or from printed matter into a digital file requires expertise. At Technoheight, we entrust your paper information into the hands of our expert typists. The seemingly tedious process becomes seamless as our team converts all your papers into digitized formats with precision and pride.

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Add more target audience into your sales funnel. Track social media channels of your competitors and similar companies in the market.

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Get information about your browsing history to keep a check on your prospects and competitors. You can build a relationship to convert them.


Craft a custom-made message for your prospect. Get information about your prospect who is looking for product/service similar to yours.