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Protect your Brand Image and Company Reputation with Our Top Of The Line Content Moderation Services

Social media has been a topic of conflict for as long as it has existed. Most of this conflict weighs both its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, Social media is famous for providing communication tools, endless sources of information and research.

However, some of any social media platform’s disadvantages include building toxic environments, dehumanising companies and stealing information. Because people spend a high amount of their time on social media, it is not surprising that people run into both the good and bad sides of social media.

How do we handle your content moderation?

Technoheight takes content moderation to a new level by giving you standard technological protection, digital transformation services and automation.

The combination of Technoheight's passion for meaningful communication and our focus on adaptive technology has given excellent results.

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Content Moderation Services Offered by TechnoHeight

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring deals with identifying the comments being made about an individual, product or brand via various social media channels. These comments can be through photos, text, videos, reviews on websites or blogs. Technoheight handles social media monitoring by taking control of malicious content. With Technoheight's social media monitoring tools, we can filter out harmful content such as violence, cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, hate speech, harassment and threats.

Review Moderation

Every platform allows for reviews that can shape how people see your company. Technoheight provides top-notch services to curtail any excesses and prevent bad reputations that might affect your business. You can moderate your reviews by choosing what kind of content you want your customers to see. This allows you to showcase the right parts of your business. You can promote an image suitable for their audience and brand.

Image Moderation

Technoheight provides image moderation services through the prevention and removal of harmful and offensive images such as inappropriate pictures, or pictures that do not represent the brand image.

Video Moderation

Do you have video content that is publicly accessible by all customers and competitors? Monitoring the sort of content that comes out of your company goes a long way in securing your brand image. At Technoheight, we provide video moderation services focused on ensuring only relevant information goes to contribute to your overall brand experience.

Comment Moderation

Content moderation by Technoheight protects both the business and your customers. Has your customer left a comment that contains personal details by accident by mistake? Technoheight takes care of all comments that might affect your customer, brand or business. We also protect your business by safeguarding businesses from fake comments that could cause legal problems.

The TechnoHeight Advantage


Increase your productivity with a strong custom lead lists. Create and enrich custom made lists according to your ideal customer profile and buyer personas.

Dedicated Team

Add more target audience into your sales funnel. Track social media channels of your competitors and similar companies in the market.

Quality Control

Get information about your browsing history to keep a check on your prospects and competitors. You can build a relationship to convert them.


Craft a custom-made message for your prospect. Get information about your prospect who is looking for product/service similar to yours.